kelly clarkson

In honor of Thankful’s 10th birthday today, what is your favorite song off the album?

Reply here…just for fun :)

  1. kellyclarksonfan1982 answered: Low <3
  2. queenkittyswan answered: Just missed the train
  3. megasunflora answered: Anytime!
  4. all-hale-stiles-stilinskii answered: Anytime or The trouble with love is
  5. nikfasan answered: You Thought Wrong
  6. myzt answered: just missed a train
  7. kellegend answered: Low
  8. elizabethrosalyn answered: The Trouble With Love Is
  9. vvolfdaughter answered: Hmm… The trouble with love is :)
  10. thesunwillrise3466 answered: low
  11. 23strongerthanyou answered: MI or Whats Up Lonely
  12. mrskellyblackstock answered: Miss Independent, You Thought Wrong and Anytime.
  13. inevitabilities said: Beautiful Disaster!
  14. blood-orange-sun answered: Just Missed the Train
  15. alexbemused answered: Some Kind of Miracle
  16. hollyelizabeth1989 answered: Low & Just Missed the Train
  17. lizgenoms said: Low and The Trouble with Love Is… I just can’t choose one :)
  18. kclarksonclub answered: You Thought Wrong! :D
  19. badluckbritta answered: Miss Independent
  20. rachelibrarian answered: Low
  21. needto-walkaway answered: Low or Just Missed the Train.
  22. thesunwillriseovertroubledwater answered: Miss Independent or Whats Up Lonely. :)
  23. american-honey-bee answered: Before Your Love, Miss Independent, Just Missed The Train
  24. flawlessclarkson answered: Before Your Love!
  25. misskellyclarkson answered: What’s Up Lonely
  26. nuffinbutnette said: Low, What’s Up Lonely, & Just Missed the Train.
  27. touchthefiretwice answered: Beautiful Disaster
  28. timelessmeaning answered: The Trouble With Love Is <3
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  30. its-w-h-a-t-ever answered: tied between just missed the train and beautiful disaster <3
  31. lovemonkey answered: You Thought Wrong
  32. brooky30 said: A moment like this
  33. livingin-theshadows said: Miss independent
  34. you-left-me-empty-handed answered: low
  35. justawalkingdisastter said: My favorites: low, miss independent, just missed the train, anytime and the trouble with love is.
  36. bixin answered: Just Missed the Train
  37. an-infinite-life answered: low & thankful :)
  38. xoxmusicmania said: OhMyGod, I can’t even. I love them all, seriously.
  39. hoteldreamz answered: Just Missed the Train and Anytime are tied as my favorites
  40. photography-in-paradise answered: A moment like this or The trouble with love is :D <3
  41. sweetladykisses answered: Miss Independent, Just Missed the Train, and also Beautiful Disaster but I like the live Breakaway version better.
  42. im-yours-till-they-come said: Just missed the train!
  43. music-on-paradise said: Miss independent & low
  44. lizlovinnn said: Just Missed the Train. <3